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We congratulate you on your engagement and extend best wishes! Since Baptized Catholics are required to marry according to the laws of the Catholic Church, it is essential to contact a priest as soon as the engagement is final. Diocesan regulations require that the couple contact a parish priest at least six (6) months prior to the proposed date of the wedding. Please call the Parish Office to begin making arrangements.

Overseas Marriage

Are you a resident of Bondi but are preparing to be married overseas?

Please remember that there are two procedures to go through in most countries – a civil procedure and a religious procedure. Both require preparation and paperwork and all of this involves quite a lot of time.

Please contact the parish office well ahead of time to begin the process. You will need to provide us with recent copies of your baptism and confirmation certificates and fill out several forms. 

If one of the parties to the marriage has been married before we will need the documentation declaring the annulment of the earlier marriage.

It will also be necessary to complete an online marriage preparation course, which takes a significant amount of time.

All the documentation has to be completed and submitted to the Archdiocesan chancery at least three months before the proposed wedding. 

Please plan ahead wisely. We are here to help you at the parish.