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On behalf of all your fellow parishioners, the clergy and staff of Saint Anne’s and St Patrick’s parishes extend to your family our prayerful sympathy in this time of loss and grief. There are many people praying for you and with you. At Sunday Mass we all pray especially for those of the parish family who have passed away recently. The Mass of Christian Burial that is celebrated in this parish community honours the ancient tradition of the classic Requiem Mass, employing Scriptural prayers and monastic chants that have been used at the burial rites of Christians for far more than one thousand years. In the Sacred Liturgy we experience the consolation of praying with each other, with the whole Church, with all the saints and with Jesus Christ Himself and of having them pray for us. This tangible connection with the Communion of Saints, those who pray for us in heaven and even those who still need us to pray for them, can be a comfort and consolation for us as we mourn the loss of a loved one. Please contact the parish office to speak with the parish priest and learn the options available in the selection of readings.

The music at funerals in our parishes will be cared for by our parish music director who will be able to assist you in choosing musical selections consistent with the dignity your loved one deserves and which the respect of the Holy Rites requires.