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Our parish functions as the joint efforts of two historic communities- that of St Anne’s Bondi Beach and of St Patrick’s Bondi. St Patrick’s was established as a parish in 1917 from territory originally belonging to the care of the Franciscan fathers and then to a larger parish which
comprised all of Rose Bay and Woollahra. With the gradual establishment of parish churches in those areas Bondi received its own parish priest in 1917, but the parishes as we now know them were properly established in 1925 when St Anne’s was erected in Bondi Beach. The two parishes continued as separate entities until 2017 when they were once more united under one pastor and have now one stably established parish priest to care for them. Our parishes have a large transient population of visitors to Australia, who come to work for varying periods of time from all over the world. They bring a great wealth of experience and gifts. The area is also notable for its predominantly younger population, on average, the youngest in the Archdiocese of Sydney. The evangelisation works of the parish are largely geared towards reaching this population.